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Working Together, They Are...
Serving With a View to Eternity

He hit bottom and tried to commit suicide. Rajesh was brought in to Chinchpada Christian Hospital after consuming poison. Treated and healed by the doctors and nurses there, he was sent home, but not until the evangelist and other staff members had shared the Word of God with him.

Prayer on the Ward
More important than his physical healing, he learned about God. The staff made a point to keep in touch with Rajesh, and when he expressed an interest in doing further studies, they recommended attending a Bible college.

Aided by the financial support of several staff members, Rajesh is now attending at a South India Bible college. This personal attention to the spiritual well-being of Rajesh shows how EHA staff are making a difference in the lives of everyone who walks through their doors.

After Two Years of Construction...
New Staff Quarters Completed

New Staff Quarters
Chichpada Christian Hospital is thrilled that the rebuilding and renovation work that has been ongoing for the past two years is now complete. They have brand-new staff quarters as well as several renovated facilities. The hospital was re-dedicated on October 12 with leaders, local church pastors, local community members, well-wishers, and former staff attending.

Renovated Buildings

At Chinchpada Christian Hospital...

Healing and Hope Received

Dilip was from Dapur, a nearby village. Suffering from a cough for over a year, he had sought treatment elsewhere but saw no improvement. He heard about CCH and sought help there as

Dilip Gavit
his last hope. He had severe abdominal pain, a low pulse, and restlessness. Doctors operated on his abdomen, found evidence of TB, and anti-TB medication was administered. Dilip now believes in God, and on the day of his surgery, a full-day prayer meeting was held. Dilip recovered quickly and went home with renewed hope and trust, both in God and in the ministry of Chinchpada Christian Hospital.

At Chinchpada Christian Hospital ...
Practical and Medical Needs Met
KPH's bandaged finger

He just wanted to go to school. Fourteen-year-old KPH's parents didn't have the money to buy him a uniform, shoes, and school supplies, so he decided to work at a roadside sugarcane crushing machine over the summer. Then disaster struck. While pushing the sugarcane through the machine, his middle finger got caught between the rollers and was crushed. His friends and coworkers rushed him to Chinchpada Christian Hospital to see what could be done. The doctors relieved his pain and inserted a pin through the bones to help them to heal. His father arrived and anxiously explained that he had no money to pay the medical bill, but the staff assured him they would continue to treat his son at no charge. The boy began crying upon discharge because he realized that he could no longer work at his job, and his hopes of going to school were dashed. The Medical Superintendent went to the boy's village and spoke to a friend of his who owned a grocery store. Immediately the owner offered the boy a job at his store so that he could pay for his school supplies after all. This kind of care for one individual demonstrates the level of effort EHA staff are willing to go to in order to help others.

Two Patients Receive

Competent, Careful Care

Patients often come to EHA hospitals for treatment after seeing other doctors. Sometimes the previous treatment has been well done, but often the patients are worse off than before. Pretty much anyone can hang out a shingle and call himself a doctor, whether or not he has had any training. Rural witch doctors offer appalling treatments with no medical knowledge guiding their care. One woman came to Chinchpada Christian Hospital with a large black scab on her neck.

Painful scab on neck

She was having trouble swallowing and was in pain. Living in an outlying area, she had chosen to visit the witch doctor for some swelling on her throat, and his solution was to brand it with a hot iron instrument, resulting in the black scab. Doctors at Chinchpada removed the scab and took care of a thyroid nodule underneath. The woman then vowed never to visit a witch doctor again.  

Tumor on arm

Another story involved a girl with a history of swelling on her upper arm that grew into an ugly tumor. Several doctors told her it was cancerous and she might lose her arm. When she came to Chinchpada, doctors examined the tumor and determined the swelling originated within the skin. Tests came back showing a benign tumor of sweat gland origin. Doctors removed the tumor and she went home smiling with her arm intact. It is not surprising that patients prefer the caring, medically accurate care they receive at EHA hospitals.

About Chinchpada Christian Hospital

Located in Maharashtra, Chinchpada Christian Hospital provides healthcare to the predominantly tribal population in the surrounding villages. Established in 1942, the hospital started out as a small clinic. Later it grew to a 15-bed hospital, and then was incorporated with EHA in 1974. Currently, it has 50 beds and attracts referred patients for surgeries and maternity services. The service priorities of the hospital include general medicine, pediatric care, orthopedic services, and obstetrics and gynecology. Serving the villages of Navapur Taluka as well as villages of the west part of Sakri Taluka, the hospital strives to serve the poor and marginalized regardless of caste or religion. They seek to provide both clinical services and spiritual ministry in the name of God, so as to make Him known in word and deed.

In order to develop a good rapport with the surrounding churches, local church leaders are occasionally involved in hospital meetings. Hospital staff hold heath awareness meetings with village pastors and leaders so that they become familiar with symptoms of common diseases and can encourage villagers to go to the hospital when needed. These local leaders also help to identify poor families so that their needs can be met by the hospital.

The hospital conducts outreach clinics in surrounding villages to care for villagers’ healthcare needs. They started research on sickle cell disease by mapping cases in Navapur Taluka. Recently the staff quarters and hospital buildings were renovated.

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