Sewa Bhawan Hospital

From Despair to Delight...
Experiencing Complete Turnaround
Anupama, center, with medical staff

Two years ago we shared the story of 18-year-old Anupama with you. She was found semi-conscious with an empty bottle of pesticide nearby. Knowing she had tried to commit suicide, her family rushed her to EHA's Sewa Bhawan Hospital.

Immediate treatment was begun by the staff, but a poor prognosis was given to the family. Anupama was cared for and prayed over for ten days, and slowly she recovered.

During her stay at the hospital, she and her family heard about God and heard the daily prayers in the ward, and they put their trust in the healing power of God. Once Anupama was well physically, Sewa Bhawan staff provided some counseling and it was discovered that she had been cheated on in a relationship, which caused her to attempt suicide. After she accepted God, she went home with a peaceful heart.

Sewa Bhawan's family physician, Dr. Paneer Selvam, along with a local evangelist, visited her home four miles away from the hospital, and the family gladly received them for prayer. Anupama's extended family living members in the area also believed in God. Now, by God's grace, Anupama is completely recovered, has forgiven her betrayer, and there is a worship group meeting in her home every week.

She has completed 12th grade and is now employed at Sewa Bhawan as an aide in the hospital ward. Now she is at the forefront, sharing with others who have attempted suicide how God has given her hope. Everyone at the hospital is thankful that God used their staff to reach Anupama, and now she is reaching others for Him.

Danger in the Fields...
Bitten by a Cobra

Kannaiah Ram recuperating
Twenty-eight-year old Kannaiah Ram was working in his fields when he was bitten by a cobra. He was rushed to Sewa Bhawan's casualty department, but by the time he arrived, his eyes were drooping and his breath was labored.

The staff began to pray, gave Kannaiah the entire stock of anti-venom they had on hand, and put him on a ventilator. With no improvement in the next 24 hours, they asked the family to take Kannaiah to a more advanced medical facility, but they did not have the finances to do so. The staff continued to pray and give supportive treatment.

After five long days, Kannaiah began to show signs of improvement and was able to come off of the ventilator. He readily accepted God's love when it was shared with him and is now a regular attender at one of Sewa Bhawan's house churches.

At Sewa Bhawan Hospital...
Miracle Twins

Sarita with her twins and mother
Three years ago, Sarita arrived at Sewa Bhawan Hospital in shock. As she was wheeled into the labor room, the hospital staff noted that her pregnancy was full-term and she was bleeding profusely.

The midwife in Sarita's village had tried all day to deliver her baby but was unsuccessful. When she became unconscious, she was brought to the hospital with a hemoglobin level of 4 gm (normal is 12-15 gms). Facing a high-risk surgery, the doctors and nurses began to pray. The surgeon found that she was pregnant with twins and her uterus had ruptured. Miraculously, Sarita and both babies survived.

She and her family believe that God healed her, and three years later, they are a happy family worshipping God.

Saving Help at Sewa Bhawan Hospital
On the Brink of Death
Her family found the young woman lying semi-conscious with an empty bottle of pesticide nearby. Knowing she had attempted to commit suicide, Anupama was rushed to Sewa Bhawan Hospital by her relatives.

Immediate treatment was begun by the staff but a poor prognosis was shared with the family. Anupama was cared for over a ten-day period and she slowly recovered. Once she was well, they provided some counseling and discovered that she had been cheated on in a relationship which caused her to attempt suicide. The love and encouragement provided by the hospital staff turned her life around, and she went home at peace.

The Community Health Department has extended their outreach from 60 to 85 villages to help villagers who have attempted suicide and provide them with counseling. They have begun a referral system to help these poor and marginalized patients.

Praise God for Successful...
Growth at Sewa Bhawan Hospital
A year ago, the two senior consultants at Sewa Bhawan Hospital left, leaving a hole in the staff coverage. The number of patients dropped from 120 patients to 25 in the outpatient department and from 35 to 17 patients in the inpatient department. The remaining staff faced challenges in the areas of patient care and clinical services.

But in April of 2014, a doctor couple arrived at Sewa Bhawan and began to minister. Soon an eye consultant came on board and full-fledged eye services were available. Now the hospital is slowly regaining its goodwill and patients are returning for treatment. They are again able to deliver surgical, medical, gyne, and ophthalmic services to the community surrounding the hospital. EHA staff are thankful for the growth in team members and services.

At Sewa Bhawan Hospital
Mystery Illness Diagnosed and Treated
The doctors had no idea what was wrong with her. A six-year-old girl came in to the emergency room with breathlessness and acute pain in her abdomen. snakebitefgirl2 Emergency measures were administered, but her condition worsened. Determined to find the cause of her illness, the doctors discussed her case, prayed, and then met with the mother.

One fact the mother mentioned was that the girl had gone late at night to urinate, and had gone outside rather than to the toilet. Checking her eyelids, the doctors began to suspect a toxic snake bite Time was running short, so they administered anti-snake venom while praying and explaining the situation to the parents. By the grace of God she responded within two hours and was discharged in two days. The doctors were thankful for receiving the enlightenment needed to solve this case.

About Sewa Bhawan Hospital

What was once a dispensary built to serve the people of Mahasamund district of Chhattisgarh is now a 50-bed hospital providing many heath care services. Today Sewa Bhawan Hospital serves nearly 200,000 poor and marginalized people scattered over 300 villages with surgical, ophthalmologic, orthopedic, and pediatric services. They conduct numerous eye camps in various locations each year. The spiritual health of the staff is developed through study, prayer meetings at homes, participation in local church activities, and preaching with a focus on delivering the love of God to others. Patients have prayer time with staff available to them, and this has led to more patients believing.

In the Savera Community Health and Development Project, almost one hundred community-based organizations (CBOs) are active in almost twenty villages. Some of these organizations are self-help groups, some are farmers’ clubs, and others are youth groups. One project they have worked on is renovating and constructing water resources. When wastelands are reclaimed, the food security of vulnerable families is established. These CBOs operate seed banks to enable farmers not to take loans from money lenders at high rates. Working along with government and non-government agencies, the Savera Project has been able to improve the condition of healthcare for women and children. Institutional deliveries and immunizations are more common now, while the infant mortality and maternal mortality rates have dropped.

The Bastar Community Health and Development Project has done extensive work in the area of Reproductive and Child Health, and has increased immunization coverage, anti-natal care, institutional deliveries, and use of spacing methods of family planning. They also plan to work with infertility issues. In addition to RCH, this project has also worked to replace and install hand water pumps to vastly improve drinking conditions in villages. Cleaning drainage systems also improves quality of life for these villagers.

In all they do through the Sewa Bhawan Hospital and the CHD Projects, staff seek to reach out to the lost with the love of God. In helping meet practical needs of healthcare and village water supplies, they gain a platform to share with hurting people.

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