Dr. Sunil Gokavi Shares EHA's Mission Across the US

"Today, more people enter the gates of a hospital than the doors of a church," noted Dr. Sunil Gokavi as he spoke to a group of EHA supporters in Illinois during his US visit last month. Dr. Gokavi underscored that EHA staff have a unique opportunity to share a message of hope with patients and their families because they are almost always eager for help during a medical crisis. In the hospital waiting rooms, people will raptly listen while staff play the guitar and sing music, and then share about God. Many are reached in this way.

Dr. Gokavi noted that all of EHA’s facilities are located in the northern tier of India, which is far more poor than southern India and desperately in need of the kind of services EHA offers. Education, literacy, basic health and malnutrition all represent desperate challenges for the populace. The need, coupled with the quality of the care and programs, attracts many and provides an open door to demonstrate love in tangible ways.

Over the course of 21 days, Dr. Gokavi traveled coast-to-coast in the US, meeting with different groups to speak about the work and mission of EHA. He spoke to supporters and friends in Peoria and Chicago, IL; Philadelphia, PA; Cleveland, OH; Los Angeles, CA; and Milwaukee, WI.

His presentations explored the changing perspective of the government on EHA’s operations. The organization has seen powerful breakthroughs with the Indian government reaching out to EHA as a trusted source of medical services. For example, one state government called on EHA to repair a failing prison program involving HIV testing and counseling. Providing valuable leadership for such programs allows EHA a place at the table to influence national healthcare policy.

Dr. Gokavi also had the opportunity to meet with a range of organizations, including students with the Human Needs and Global Resources program (HNGR) at Wheaton College, ROW Pharma in Wheaton, Dignity Health and Restoration Partnership in San Francisco, Joni and Friends in Los Angeles, Samaritan's Purse/World Medical Mission in North Carolina, and a senior staffer at the Department of Health and Human Services in Washington , DC.

The impact of the mission of EHA is growing each year, due in large part to generous donations from US supporters like you. Not only does EHA help thousands of patients with their medical needs, but they share the life-changing message of Jesus, whose coming we celebrate this month. Many blessings to you as you prepare to celebrate Christmas.

EHA Annual Report

This 66-page volume loaded with facts, figures, and photos will give you an excellent overview of the work.

You can request your copy here in the US by contacting us, or feel free to download the PDF from the website. Just click on the link. Help us share this information widely about EHA.

Learn About the Impact of EHA's Community Projects

Click this photo to hear stories of people whose lives have been changed through the work of the Community Health and Development Team at Duncan Hospital, one of EHA's facilities. These community teams form the vital connection between the hospitals and the hundreds of villages in their regions.

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Experiencing India First-Handx
Education and EHA

EHA USA executive director Robb Hansen had the opportunity to travel to India and visit several EHA locations last summer. This month he continues his series of articles, sharing his first-hand impressions of EHA's work and life in India.

My feet slid on the muddy ground as I neared the tired red brick school building adjoining the hospital grounds. I was at EHA's medical facility in Chinchpada, western Maharashtra, and I'd been asked to speak to the students attending the affiliated school. They wanted me to share something from the Bible that might be meaningful to kids. We were supposed to meet outside under the big tree where everyone played for recess, but the rain was making that option unattractive. 
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Experiencing India First-Hand
Enabling the Disabled

EHA USA executive director Robb Hansen had the opportunity to travel to India and visit several EHA locations last summer. This month he continues his series of articles, sharing his first-hand impressions of EHA's work and life in India.

Quietly I slipped into the back of the room because the session had already started. I was visiting the Anugrah Project, headquartered at Herbertpur Christian Hospital in rural North India. On a low platform at the front, an energetic EHA staffer was going over basic courtesies in life with a group of developmentally disabled children and young adults. She was using a colorful flip chart and the group of 15 or so were learning how to say "Hello and Goodbye, Please and Thank you" -- that sort of thing.
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Experiencing EHA Connections First-Hand
A Mini-Education on EHA

EHA USA representative Robb Hansen had the opportunity to travel in the US in October with EHA Executive Director Dr. Sunil Gokavi. This month he continues his series of articles, sharing some facts about EHA and what we do.

As I travel around talking with people about the great work the Emmanuel Hospital Association is doing, I find that there is sometimes misunderstanding about how the whole organization "works." Let me explain a few facts about EHA and what we do. These are not in any special order but are sort of offered as a mini-education on how we do what we do. 
Fact 1 - Almost every person working with EHA is from India.
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Experiencing India First-Hand
Off to the Village

EHA USA Executive Director Robb Hansen had the opportunity to travel to India and visit several EHA locations last summer. This month he continues his series of articles, sharing his first-hand impressions of EHA's work and life in India.

I huffed and puffed my way up the mountain path toward one of the villages that EHA’s Community Health and Development team from Landour Christian Hospital was working with near the far north Indian city of Mussoorie. This is rugged, beautiful country on the edge of the Himalayas that in many ways must be experienced to be believed. The real giants of this famous mountain region, K2, Everest and the like, are still further north. Here in North India one stands on the southern edge of the region, but the terrain is still impressive. 
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Experiencing India First-Hand

Giving Care and Compassion

EHA USA Executive Director Robb Hansen had the opportunity to travel to India and visit several EHA locations in July. In the coming months, in a series of articles, he will share his first-hand impressions of EHA's work.
As my eyes drift across the green fields of crops that line the country road, I almost feel I could be in rural Iowa. Instead, I am in Maharashtra, a state in west central India, about two hours from the Arabian Sea.
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Getting to Know EHA
Check out EHA's new presentation! Click here to learn all about EHA's facilities, services, programs, patients, and results.

You will also have a better understanding of life in India and the challenges EHA faces after viewing this presentation

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When we speak with those serving with EHA in India and ask them what we can best do to further their work, their answer is invariably -- pray for us. In light of this, we have developed a new monthly prayer enewsletter with up-to-date prayer requests from all over EHA. If you would like to receive these prayer requests, click the link to sign up.

Emmanuel Hospital Association

One of the critical issues in the world today is meeting the growing need for quality medical care among the poor. The Emmanuel Hospital Association of India helps to address this need.

Launched out of a group of western-run mission hospitals in the late 1960s, today EHA is the largest private healthcare network in India . Through a system of 21 hospitals and more than 30 community health and development projects, located in underserved areas of rural North India, EHA helps to bring health and medical care to more than 600,000 Indians per year, the vast majority from among the poorest classes of society.

Many of those served have no access to such medical care other than through  EHA facilities. In a country where 1 in 4 families live below the poverty line, the needs are tremendous. In fact, they are beyond description.

Will you get involved?
This website serves the single purpose of promoting the needs of medical ministry in India and challenging those with a burden to get involved.

Opportunities for...


Critical need for short-term (one month) or extended assistance from surgeons. [more…]
Provide short term support or extended assistance in nurses' training. [more…]
Check out how you can get involved with EHA right where you live. [more…]

• Fund a capital project [more…]
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EHA has a critical need for short-term assistance to support the work of Indian physicians. At times the case load exceeds the capacity of their surgeons.  More often, vacations must be curtailed because when the surgeon is away services must be cut back. New Family Practice Residency programs need experienced FP instructors. If you are interested in finding out about short term (two weeks to four weeks) or longer term ministry opportunities in India , please contact the EHA office.  

Opportunities exist for nurses with BSN/MSN and teaching experience to assist in EHA's nurses' training programs. These openings for service would last from one month to one year, or more. Certain challenges exist due to language barriers but trained professionals willing to serve should contact EHA. 

EHA in the United States is a grass
-roots effort with no paid staff. We are in need of volunteers who catch a passion for the ministry and are willing to represent us in local churches in their area. Materials such as brochures and Power Point presentations are available to assist your efforts. If supporting EHA in this way is attractive to you, do not hesitate to contact us to learn more.

Ongoing support needs in a wide variety of areas exist. 
Ninety cents of every dollar raised in the United States goes to help the Indian hospitals serve more patients, many of whom would never have access to medical care in other ways. For detailed information on projects and locations, please do not hesitate to contact us.  We are also happy to supply copies of audited financial statements for your review.

Our goal for the work in India is simple: build awareness, prayer and financial support for EHA, enabling their staff to more effectively address the health-related needs of Indian villagers, and in that process, earn the opportunity to share the good news of eternal healing.


October 14-31

EHA Executive Director Visits US
Dr. Sunil Gokavi, EHA's Executive Director, spent two weeks traveling in various Eastern and Midwestern states, meeting with EHA supporters and friends. He held sessions in churches, organizations, and private homes in the cities of Baltimore, Washington DC, Philadelphia, Cleveland, several Chicago suburbs, Peoria, and Milwaukee. Dr. Gokavi also had the opportunity to be interviewed on three Chicago radio stations to spread the word about EHA and all they do. We are excited that Dr. Gokavi could travel to the US and share his heart for the life-transforming work of EHA and his years of medical mission experience on the front lines.

October 19, 2016

EHA Doctors Honored
Dr. Vijay Anand Ismavel and his wife, Ann, have been chosen to receive the Paul Harrison Award for 2016 by the Christian Medical College in Vellore. This award is given to alumni of CMC "for a lifetime of selfless, steadfast, and significant service in needy areas, in mission service, or in disadvantaged and under-recognized circumstances." This award is also a reflection of the excellent work done at EHA's Makunda Christian Hospital.

August 1, 2016

EHA USA President Honored
Congratulations to EHA USA President Dr. Howard Searle, who was recently honored with the 2016 INMED Cross-Cultural Leadership Award. Dr. Searle represented EHA USA at INMED's 2016 Exploring Medical Missions Conference.
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July 8-24, 2016

EHA USA Director Travels to India
Nothing so inspires and informs as face-to-face connection for our EHA USA team members with colleagues in India. That is why the USA Executive Director will travel to India this month, from July 8 to 24. On the trip he will have the opportunity to visit several hospital locations and attend the annual conference which assembles the entire leadership team from all locations across North India.
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May 19, 2016

EHA USA President Receives Award
Congratulations to EHA USA President Dr. Howard Searle, who was honored with the 2016 INMED Cross-Cultural Leadership Award!
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May 17-19, 2016

Dr. Howard Searle Attends INMED
EHA USA President Dr. Howard Searle recently represented EHA at the 2016 INMED (Institute for International Medicine) "Exploring Medical Missions Conference" (EMMC) in Kansas City. "The Evidence Behind Medical Missions" was this year's theme.

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February 24, 2016

Caring for People With EHA/AIDS
EHA has several projects that support people with HIV/AIDS. The Shalom Delhi Project is one of the oldest and largest. Today Dr. Savita Duomai, Project Director, was interviewed on WBEZ, a public radio station in Chicago. Click below to read a summary of her interview about their work
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